100 thousand dollars! Nike Air Mag achievement of the most expensive shoes!

Jordan Shoes 2017 form of the welfare lottery, the new 2016 Nike Air Mag will also have a limited auction.Last night, only one pair of Nike Air Mag in Asia came to Hongkong for auction, and the final price was $$104267. The RMB is more than 700 thousand yuan.The proceeds of the auction are donated to Michael J. Fox Foundation to accelerate the development of the treatment of Parkinson’s syndrome.I’m afraid the price with no predecessors no latecomers, the achievements of the history of the highest price auction shoes!
Nike Air Jordan 2017 of the post are expected to remember.The movie “back to the next 2” has a lot of new and interesting smart products that can’t be forgotten.The virtual background of the film was in 2015Martin, the protagonist, came to the future in October 21, 2015 and wore a pair of shoes called “Nike Air Mag”In addition to cool appearance, can automatically fasten shoelaces.Wear it on suspension skateboard quite cool,And in 2015, Nike made many people dream and realized these shoes.
Cheap Adidas Yeezy Boost should not forget those shoes that are convenient, fit and handsome in the future, Nike Air Mag. Martin came to the future in October 21, 2015. After 22 years of waiting, we got closer and closer to 2015, when the distant plot of fantasy was about to happen. When most people forget those amazing shoes, Nike is not forgotten when people find that the world is no longer coming back to the future. After 20 years of scientific and technological development, Nike has finally brought us into the future.

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